After A House Fire Have A Fire Escape Plan And Save As You Rebuild

Most residential fires happen between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. After surviving a bad fatality you should understand how important it is to have an escape route. Write up and practice a plan until you and your loved ones feel comfortable with it. Here are some suggestions to help you get started…and a way to save as you rebuild after your catastrophe.

Draw a floor plan: Mark two escapes per room, the first route and second. Walking these routes, putting them into practice, can help you feel at ease. If windows are included in this plan, make sure they can be opened.

Emergency number: Learn the number for reporting a fire. +escape +rooms If you have to leave your home due to a fire you will need to know this number to call while away from home.

Barred windows and doors: If the windows and doors are barred, use quick-release devices. If you have double windows, make sure at least one window has such a device.

Escape ladders: Consider having these on hand in each room on the second and third floor. Learn how they are to be used. Practice putting them out the windows and climbing down.

Choose a meeting place outside: Make sure it is a safe distance from your home. This will let you know that everyone escaped safely.

Practice, practice, practice: This cannot be emphasized enough. Press the alarm test button, yell to everyone to get out quickly. Have everyone pretend there is an actual fire, feel door knobs for heat, pretend smoke is being inhaled – drop to the floor and crawl, and close doors as you are leaving each room. Do this both day and night. An escape plan will feel different during light and dark. It is important to know each family member can get out at any given time. If you have pets, practice taking them with you.

Get out first, then call for help: After everyone is away from the house, out of harms way, then call the fire department or 911.

Make sure to talk about the disaster you have been through and how important it is to know how to respond during a fire.

As you and your family recover from the disaster and begin to rebuild, not only your home, but your lives, there is a way to save on all materials needed. You can also save on supplies, furniture, necessities…the list goes on. And not only for today but for a lifetime. You and your family can have a brighter future by saving today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your lives!


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