Meeting up with your girlfriends after work

No matter how busy I am,i make sure that I do have time for my girlfriend at all. I find the woman really attractive at all and she’s the best woman that I have ever dated with. Loving her really made me feel like I am the only one. to me this person is the right one who means so much to me and she gave my life a greater meaning. Nothing in this world that could have love me any better.

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I’ve been busy a lot these days but I am so happy that I am able to spend a time with my girlfriend. she’s the girl I always wanted to be with her all. I know that not seeing her so I make my life sad and impossible to go on. I love being with this person the whole time and she really means so much to me. it is her that made me believe in love again that is why I make sure to see her after work. No matter how difficult it is for me, i make sure that my girlfriend is part of my schedule.

I know how she waits for me the whole time and never ate without me. I know how I mean to her that is why I am so glad to have found her at all. Since I was recently promote in my job I have to work hard to prove that I deserved my promotion. I go home really late at night but I went to my girlfriend house to check on her. I don’t want my girlfriend to feel lonely just because I am at work. she really means so much to me that I don’t want her to think a lot when I am not around.

I don’t trade my girlfriend to anything in this world even if that’s my career. I will do my best to make this love of my life really happy at all. to me she is one of a kind and I would always have time for her no matter how busy I am. Maybe that’s because I do love her alot.for me she’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I could never let someone else stop me from reaching my dreams but I also don’t want to lose my girl. Maybe it needs a good balancing at all to be able to keep the relationship while excels in the career. No matter how much you put effort in your work never miss anything for your women who stood up on you when no one else can. I think she deserve to be loved more than now because she is my inspiration.

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Relationship: Maintain a Level of Respect

No matter where you are in a relationship in every aspect of life you should know how to treat someone with respect. respect is one of the first and foremost trait of humanity. No one is allowed to disrespect someone no matter how low class the person is. Know that all of us deserve to be respected and know your limit.

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One of the best thing in life is that I am able to have a woman who also respect me the way I did to her. We both agreed that no matter what we’ve been through or fight for we don’t exceed to our limit and loss respect. However since we are not a perfect human being I decided to stay away from her specially if we are in a severe fight. Both of are silent and walk away to avoid saying bad things at all. I and my girlfriend just talk about it when both of us are cool. And that really works for us and how we made it far.

I’m so glad that I am able to work this with a woman at all. Though we are very much open to each other we still have our own privacy that we are still not open to share about. I realize that this lady is one of a kind person and I’m glad that I have her in my life at all. She never asks me anything that she knows that I am not ready to do so. and I would never force her to mak3 anything if she is not still ready yet.

We respect each other decision. I do not want to interfere in her if she does not want me to help with it. I knew that it’s part of growing up and if she fails I am always here for her. I am so glad that I also found a woman like her that accept me. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life but she still chooses to stay beside me. its awesome that both of us never lose respect with each other. we also fight for ourselves to maintain what is healthy for both us.

Respect also means being loyal to each other. it means that even if we are far away from each other we make sure that both of us are faithful. I do not want to create any mistake that could hardly destroy us. it’s God who is always there for me to love and blesses me with a girl who is always there for me too. Its so good that respect is there in our relationship. It means a lot to us because we still can do whatever we love as long as we dont break what we have.

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You need to be able to make decisions.

it’s impossible to make the right decisions all of the time. every wrong and right decisions has consequences that could haunt a person for a very long time. making right decisions a little bit more than the wrong ones is already enough to make a man very successful in life. even though there is always going to be wrong calls that would happen in the future. there is always something that could change that and make it worthwhile. Decisions in a relationship are one of the toughest things to do like breaking up with someone or just staying. a break up might feel very bad and it can take a very long time to recover from it emotionally.

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but it does not mean that it is the ring decisions. just making a decision and dealing with the consequence or reward is very important. there is always going to be something to learn along the way. and most of the time it could be life changing. a person just have to deal with whatever problems that he may have and get to where he can figure out who he really is. making a decision is better than not knowing what to do at all. even if it could be a bad move a person can still learn from it rather than just giving up and do not have any idea what to do with life anymore. what makes a relationship special is the decision to stick with that special someone no matter what.

even though if might not feel right and it could be the most challenging thing that a guy has to deal with. sometimes that’s just the key for growth and happiness in life that is going mean something in the end. relationship whether good or not can be a stepping stone of learning and having more experience from it. getting hurt and not knowing what it feels like to be wrong or right is a very different thing. it could be a dangerous thing to get stuck. time pass by very quickly and it could surprise a man when it’s already too late. knowing how to be responsible and just accepting what is in the present is a big part of growing. one of the reason why a relationship stop growing is because a couple stops making the hard decision.

they get comfortable and when problems starts it can get to them easily. failure because of one decision does not mean that it’s a lost. it can be used for so many things to make it right in the future. but it’s hard to do and people get trapped in being the victim. life is always going to be hard and it’s always easy not to do anything about it because it’s the safest way to live. but at the end of the day things can always get rocking and it could mean the end of anyone’s happiness and dreams. read more about relationship problems here at

Always Stay In Communication: Relationship

Nothing can beat a person who is in love so much. we just want to spend our days with someone that really matters. Someone that will stay with us forever. I never thought that i would feel this way again, to fall in love. one thing I learned from my past which I cannot play back. I was wrong for taking granted a relationship I had before. I thought that when you are in a long years, there is not much communication between as you know that your partner will understand.

Communication is the key to happiness. it means that whether it’s about love or not, it is really essential at all. when you love someone you are willing to open up things for the both of you. Silence wont fix it up and just add the fire. telling what you feel and be frank is more important than not saying at all. You cannot let your partner guess what is going on in your mind. let your partner feel that their existence is important. one crucial thing about a relationship is making other people feel bad at all.

Best Habits in a relationship

Ive learned what I did before and this time I won’t let it happened again. Being open is much more important than being silent. Even the situation is bad you have to let your partner knows what’s going on. There’s nothing better than being free and making the other person feel good at all. Always do what you think is right. I took for granted my fiancée before, we almost in the end of our relationship but I sabotage it. I never knew that secrecy and being silent destroyed years of being with my girl. We have lots of arguments but I chose to walk away. I saw her cried a lot of times and devastated. she heals in silent without me knowing that I had hurt her a lot. i never told my partner that I slowly fail my business and so down in life. I kept everything to myself. it was hard but I never talked over it.

I slowly forget my fiancé to update her and call her. I never knew that I took her for granted. One day she told me that she won’t do the wedding anymore and she’s done. I started to realize how much I failed her and how I lose the girl. I could not blame her for walking away because a lot of times I let her suffer alone.

Those experiences shape me into the person I am today. I became available to my lover now. I want to know everything about her and talk about it. I became more open about myself and problems. That’s when I realized how important communication is. it is truly a key for a brighter future. Always communicate with everything that’s bothering you, there is no shame in that.

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Croydon Girls On Shopping

Shopping has always been the best thing to do in terms of woman. women loves shopping and a lot of them are addicted into it. it feels like an antidote in a broken heart or a miserable day. I’m so in love with shopping that is why I look for work that could afford all my materialistic wants in life. ever since I was a child I dream of having a lots of stuff in my room. I want to have my own thing at all. Living in croydon was never an easy step for me but thanks to having a pretty face I got a job that pays a lot. I’ve been asked to become a croydon escort and i never thought that i could get that job as easy as I can. just a little train and then I become one. Croydon escort pays a lot of money than expected. it was something that helps me to became successful in life. Being a croydon escort gives me a lot of opportunity to go shopping. it so good that I found a career that will give me lots of money in order for n to shop everything that I really wanted. I’m so happy that I found the right career that would help me mak3 my dreams come true.

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Being a croydon escort is the reason that I am living my dreams now. London has a lot of shopping stores from known celebrities and all I do is buy everything latest. for me buying or shopping is a relief after a long and tiring day of work. I deserve all that I have now because ive been working hard on it. I’ve never been this happy if I never got an opportunity to become a croydon escort. it was the reason that I am satisfied in my life. I and my Croydon girls friends usually go together when shopping. it’s always a fun thing to do at all. Being with croydon girls is the happiest day of my life. My friends have the same mind-set with me. we all feel that shopping is the only thing that makes us happy. Whenever we feel bad, tired or upset, going shopping just help it. it’s doing shopping that makes me feel like I have to work hard again to buy all my wants in life. I don’t need any man to fulfil that for me. I don’t need somebody to give that for me if I could do it myself. My group of friends in croydon are all independent and does not wait for any man to shop them. we all have almost the same thinking. We were friends because all of us loves shopping. it’s our way to make our life a lot interesting at all. shopping with Croydon girls has always been an amazing thing to do outside of work. we shop everywhere in London or sometimes online shopping. Shopping is our happiness and no one can change that.

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Relationship: maintaining a level of respect.

A healthy relationship requires a lot of things. and the most basin of that is respect. even when a couple has been together for a very long time. it’s always easy to find oneself in an unhappy situation because no one wants to pay any respect anymore. not being able to show respect can just slowly deteriorate a relationship. but that is what happens when it has been too long ever since the couple has stated. when it feels like it’s getting old and hope is very low. that’s when there is a lot of fight happens and when there are plenty of lows. it’s a great thing to find someone who always shows respect no matter what. it what keeps a person’s dignity and that would ignore the fire in someone’s like. there is nothing that would make it special that finding someone and keeping a healthy relationship with someone.

respect can be lost when problems are not resolved anymore and that is not healthy in a relationship. but it can all start just by forgetting what a person’s value is. it is always nice to be appreciated and treated well even though times might be tough. that is what separates men who is having a lot of success with a woman in his life than men who can’t maintain a proper relationship with someone. it’s very easy to get lost along the way. that’s why it never fails to keep a woman’s dignity no matter what. women especially needs respect to be able to function well in life. there are a lot of men who gets their partner down all of the time. but there is a lot of reason why is that happening. one thing is that the respect of a relationship has been deteriorated. no one wants to be apart of it anymore.

it’s one of the easiest way to figure out whether it’s going to work or not is when there is still love and respect for each other even though a couple has been together for a very long time. respect is just equal to love. it needs to be shown each day and kept even though sometimes there might me a lot of emotions and anger that could ruin any time. before anything else. it’s very important to find a way to be happy with someone and maintaining it every step of the way. that is what is needed to have a happy and healthy relationship with someone. not a lot of people can maintain respect in a relationship all of the time because there is always going to be shaky times when there are plenty of arguing and chaos in a relationship. But at the end of the day. As long as there is a reason to stay together and have each other as long as possible. then it’s always possible to get back up and fix the broken things in a relationship in order to make it work at the end of the day and not have any regrets.

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Be rewarded by your Desires with your girlfriend

Having someone that’s always there for you us one of the best things in life. Having a woman who wants to have a good time with you is the best feeling in the world, unlike my previous cheating relationship I couldn’t stop but be in love with someone that makes my world turn around. She is there for me to love me my whole life. I will do anything that I can to make her feel so unique and good. there is no one else hear could ever love me but my girlfriend at all. I don’t want someone else but this person alone.

I will always take good care of this woman in my life. she is the main reason that I feel so lucky now and been blessed in life. I am forever grateful that I got someone who means the world to me. she is there for me to hold my hand and never let it go. I am glad that I am able to spend a great time with someone like my girlfriend. Meeting her makes my life a lot easier and better. There is nothing that can love me more than her.

Because of this woman I become who I am now and she is my desire. She has done so many things in my life, and I am thrilled that I got someone like her in me. There is nothing that could ever love me that way but my girlfriend at all. she’s been the most special to me the whole time. Whenever I am with my girlfriend my life becomes happier at all. She been so sweet to me and helps make my dreams come true. I will always be there for her to make her feel good and help her become a better version of herself. There is no way that I won’t love this woman. She us the most reason that my life becomes more productive now a days.

I don’t know why but I just feel so good being able to spend a great time with someone like her. she is the one that never leave me at all. I will not let anything stop me from making our dreams come true. I am so happy that this woman has done so much to me and makes me believe in love. I am forever thankful that she came to my life just right in time. She’s the one that continuously makes me believe in love.

There is no reason for me to commit bad things at all. I don’t know why but this person really is an attractive one. I am thankful that she came to my life to help me and make me feel like the only one. I won’t be who I am if not because of my girlfriend. London escort is there for me to help me in my difficult times. Being with this person reminds me that life is good and amazing. I couldn’t stop but be grateful of having her in my life.

Words to avoid when fighting

There is no perfect relationship; all of the couples went through such bad things in life. Sometimes anger controls us, and we never knew that we say things bad towards our partner. Anger swallows the personality, and it’s just painful that you heard it through the mouth of your lover. There are lots of words that can hurt your partner, and you should know about it. It would help if you had control of yourself, no matter how mad you are. Many couples broke up because of the wrong attitude shown by the other half. Sometimes they can’t afford to hold it anymore and leave their partner. I think many of us have heard lots of bad things said by our partner. And we are hurt by that.
One thing a person can’t control is saying foul words like “dumb ass”; such a name is not appropriate to hear because it is insulting.

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When we are in deep pain or anger, we say things like that towards our partner without knowing that those words badly hurt them. Besides, some of us can’t hold our mouth saying like “stupid,” especially when your partner has done terrible things. Instead of teaching your partner of her fault, saying “stupid” add the pain in her or him. They already know how awful they’ve done, and you said that terribly. Putting stupidity in their mind won’t help them. It makes them feel less as a person. It makes them think that they are not enough. Other words that sometimes we throw to our partner were “asshole” many of us say that words just too embarrassed their partner, especially when they are in a group of friends. It’s not appropriate to say that thing because your partner wasn’t like that, and it will mark in them forever. I believe that instead of saying foul words, being silent and calm is the thing.

You were keeping a stable relationship means being patient and understanding in whatever’s circumstances in life. I think that your partner always needs your support and not your discouragement. No matter how bad they’ve done to you, it’s not enough to say things that can hurt them forever. Once you do something like that, it will mark them permanently. You should know how to handle situations when fighting. You should never underestimate your partner’s capabilities just because of one mistake. Keeping yourself silent in times of trouble is the best way to get things by. You can walk away or leave for a while to think than making a scene. Saying bad words can lead to troubles in the future.

And to everyone who has a partner who is saying bad things towards you, never tolerate that thing because one day, you will realize that they had taken you for granted. Many of us continued to be with the wrong person because we want them, but it’s not enough reason for staying. If you feel like you can’t take it anymore, you can leave than hearing bad things from them.

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the best of the best in First dates

First dates are the best but yet nervous days of our lives. It’s the time that we are going to have a great time with our long-time crushes. The person that we genuinely admire is finally in our hands. Those feelings on first dates can’t be explained. It’s just full of joy and a mix of emotions. But you have to go with the flow. First dates are one of the most extraordinary things in our life. There is nothing the best day but spending time with someone you love.

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Being with someone you genuinely admire for a long time, you are excited to hold her hand and stay beside you. It’s a feeling that you can’t hide; you seem to feel so good standing beside your love. The first dates are memorable ones. Being with the love of your life is something you can’t forget in your life. It’s time you can hold her hand and stare with her for a long time.
Remember those days you sleep late at night and think of the person. Remember that imagination you made up in your mind that is now happening. All those things are coming true. This is not a dream anymore; everything you thought won’t happen now real. You want to look directly into her eyes, nose, lips, and every detail of the person. You wish not to end the day to be with the person.

During the first dates, you don’t want to go home without kissing the person. Of course, you love to end the time with a good night kiss to make it more unique. You will like to have constant talk. You were talking about all your dreams and goals in life. You love to have road trips with your special someone after a good dinner. It’s because you want to make it perfect for both of you. Looking the stars in the middle of nowhere, telling how much you are in love with each other and knowing each better.

You should always be ready during the first dates, and it’s your time to shine and make the person fall in love with you. Let the person see what’s in you and what you can offer. It’s not all about pricey stuff, having a great talk and sense of humor is the best. Being yourself is the most important thing. You don’t want to be plastic and show not the real you. Don’t make things complicated for both of you. Being who you are making things easy. First dates should be the way to a new beginning. It’s the first page of your new chapter in life. It’s the first thing you must do.

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It must be something romantic with you and your girl. Even you don’t have much to offer, that’s okay; what’s the most important is your good intention. What’s more important is how you handle the first dates to make it last.