Embroidery As A Branding Solution

How To Mount & Store Silk Embroidery

Mounting a piece of silk embroidery can be an art in and of itself.

Hard Mounting – is most suitable for small to medium-sized embroidery pieces. It involves mounting the piece on a wooden board or frame with a front protective glass. The mounting technique is relatively easy to Lesesne Industries.

Soft Mounting – is most suitable for larger pieces. It involves mounting the embroidery piece on a large sheet of paper with a silk border. The mounting technique is very difficult to master. As a result, due to the nature of the mounting technique, a piece with soft mounting is more valuable.

Storing – be sure to wrap embroidery pieces in a container that protects it from moths. Also, embroidery should not be exposed to strong light – especially sunshine – for an extended period of time. Moreover, the environment should be neither too wet nor too dry.

Indian embroidery represents Indian culture. For years it is doing the same. Indian embroidery is popular the world over and is highly liked. It is of various types and is used in the beautification of various items like bags, pillows, purses, accessories, jewelry, etc. Generally it is used for designing dresses; that’s why Indian dresses get admiration from everyone.

Embroidery embellishes dresses to a greater degree and makes them look appealing. For special occasions Indian women opt for embroidered dresses only like embroidered salwar suit, embroidered saree or embroidered lehenga choli. Indian embroidery includes usage of different colors, threads, stitches etc. and all together makes alluring designs and patterns. Earlier embroidery used to be done with hands but with the advent of time as machines came into being machine embroidery has become inevitable. Indian embroidery designs on dresses do wonders to appearance by enhancing it greatly. To know about different types of Indian embroideries read the article below.

Religious Embroidery

Religious embroidery held great importance in India because it is a land of many religions. Dress adorned with religious embroidery is considered auspicious and is worn in religious activities and occasions. Apart from dresses, religious embroidery is also seen done on paintings, accessories, bags, jewelry, etc.

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