Five Continental Restaurants that You Need to Try in New York

Five Continental Restaurants that You Need to Try in New York


Who doesn’t like continental food? It’s one of the most loved cuisines in several parts of the world. It’s not just delicious; it has its own nutritional benefits. However, good quality continental food can be tough to find. Especially in a market where everybody is advertising to be the best one yet. There are many places out there who claim to be continental but aren’t right for you so, we got the list of the best recommended continental restaurants in New York for you and your loved ones to try.


Located in Brooklyn, New York, this place has everything continental. The food here is exceptionally great and affordable. It’s a perfect place for a first date where you can easily impress your date without having to spend too much money. This place will get you hooked with their reasonable prices and the immense amount of diverse food items. Coming here is always a delight for people who like continental food.

Mara’s Continental cuisine

With fantastic taste, fancy chandeliers, high ceilings, and an extremely relaxed bar, this place does not disappoint. This place is reported to have the most helpful employees on the block. Customers quickly become their regulars because they love the fancy yet friendly atmosphere that they provide. You can get little rewards by becoming their regular customers. It has impressive tastes and varieties of food that will have you coming here more than twice. This place can be perfect for you to impress your date or for a chill dinner with family.

Westbank Café

If you or your friend is a theater lover or a performer, you would absolutely love this place. It’s a warm, cozy place with a bar and basement cabaret. It has a charming atmosphere with unusual tastes in its different varieties of continental cuisines. It has incredible cocktails as well as fantastic flavor in the simplest dishes.  Everything in this place is seasoned to perfection. If you try this once, you’re bound to come back and get another taste. Tourists and locals have recommended Westbank Café to be a friendly atmosphere to dine in.

Continental luncheonette and deli

With a friendly atmosphere, affordable prices and the most fantastic tastes, this place will get you hooked. It has got everything you need in your friendly continental restaurant from the best wine to the crazy variety of continental dishes. It’s like a local deli that you waited for a long time. This place is perfect for when you’re exhausted from work, and all you want to do is to sit and eat with friends.

Café continental

Tired of going to restaurants who have terrible service and awful taste? Well, then this is a place for you. This place prides itself on its amazing and very high standards of service. The best thing about this place is that its convenient location is in close proximity to some of the best shopping malls in New York. So, when you are over with shopping, extremely exhausted and in the mood for some delicious continental food, then this is the place for you.


New York is a busy place, and you can get lost trying to find one restaurant after another. Tourists have often used the mSpy UK to find each other at restaurants that are in the basements, in plazas, malls and sometimes right below one another. So, please read up on what you want to do and where you want to do it before you do it and make sure to have lots of fun.

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