Turn Your Instagram into a Blog

Blogs are a great way to process your ideas, reflect on your thoughts, connect with great people and spread your message to your community. They have been found to improve your sense of wellbeing as you are able to organise your thoughts in a creative way that contributes positively to those around you. If you have a fashion or coaching business then having a blog is almost a necessity. You can attract valuable clients by giving them something free that they can straight away implement in their daily life. This could be a new trend tip, review on a meditation technique or advise on how to lose weight quickly. Blog is always a win-win situation as you are able to add value to other people and also spread your ideas and get recognised for your hard work.

What is the best way to manage your blog? You could potentially do it on a seperate website, but then how likely are you to remember all the passwords and familiarise yourself with how the whole website actually operates. What if you could use an existing platform for your blog and makes things easier?

How cool would it be to have one platform do multiple of those things for you? Three in one rather than having to remember infinite number of password for multiple platforms. And even though you reseted the password yesterday, you have already forgotten what it was. You find yourself here, again, on your email clicking the reset button for the 20th time this week. You could always use the same passwords for you platforms, but then again; what if someone finds out what your password is?! Then, they would have access to all your social media accounts and more. It’s just more convenient to put yourself through the torture of hitting that “forgot password” button every time you go on-line. How about using Instagram as the platform to stay in touch with college friends, post great pictures and run a blog all in one!? How cool is that? No more resetting passwords, but rather just one to access your heaven.

Now, you can actually make another account on Instagram by clicking “add account” and connecting it to your personal account. This way you will make posting so much easier. You can also use your existing account and turn it into a blog. You will have an audience of your current followers all following your content and you can build on that audience by using hashtags, tagging locations, engaging with other bloggers and also increasing your followers through our website.

Below are some tips on how to run your Instagram blog:

Have a theme.

Having a theme attracts the right audience to your page that have a genuine interest in the topics that you share. Be authentic and share your passion. You can use relevant hashtags at the end of the post to boost your engagement too.

Post regularly.

Post every 2 or 3 days to increase the engagement on your page, and create a pattern for your audience. Over time you will have individuals waiting for you to post, so it’s important to stay consistent.

Make sure all your photos are high quality, and that the text matched your image. It could be a food page, fashion page or a family blog. Whatever your passion, make sure the content is something you would love to read yourself. You can also boost your post by getting real Instagram likes.


Happy blogging!


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