Words to avoid when fighting

There is no perfect relationship; all of the couples went through such bad things in life. Sometimes anger controls us, and we never knew that we say things bad towards our partner. Anger swallows the personality, and it’s just painful that you heard it through the mouth of your lover. There are lots of words that can hurt your partner, and you should know about it. It would help if you had control of yourself, no matter how mad you are. Many couples broke up because of the wrong attitude shown by the other half. Sometimes they can’t afford to hold it anymore and leave their partner. I think many of us have heard lots of bad things said by our partner. And we are hurt by that.
One thing a person can’t control is saying foul words like “dumb ass”; such a name is not appropriate to hear because it is insulting.

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When we are in deep pain or anger, we say things like that towards our partner without knowing that those words badly hurt them. Besides, some of us can’t hold our mouth saying like “stupid,” especially when your partner has done terrible things. Instead of teaching your partner of her fault, saying “stupid” add the pain in her or him. They already know how awful they’ve done, and you said that terribly. Putting stupidity in their mind won’t help them. It makes them feel less as a person. It makes them think that they are not enough. Other words that sometimes we throw to our partner were “asshole” many of us say that words just too embarrassed their partner, especially when they are in a group of friends. It’s not appropriate to say that thing because your partner wasn’t like that, and it will mark in them forever. I believe that instead of saying foul words, being silent and calm is the thing.

You were keeping a stable relationship means being patient and understanding in whatever’s circumstances in life. I think that your partner always needs your support and not your discouragement. No matter how bad they’ve done to you, it’s not enough to say things that can hurt them forever. Once you do something like that, it will mark them permanently. You should know how to handle situations when fighting. You should never underestimate your partner’s capabilities just because of one mistake. Keeping yourself silent in times of trouble is the best way to get things by. You can walk away or leave for a while to think than making a scene. Saying bad words can lead to troubles in the future.

And to everyone who has a partner who is saying bad things towards you, never tolerate that thing because one day, you will realize that they had taken you for granted. Many of us continued to be with the wrong person because we want them, but it’s not enough reason for staying. If you feel like you can’t take it anymore, you can leave than hearing bad things from them.

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